Where can I find My Business Report Page?

Visit, login, and click the ‘My Dashboard’ tab at the top of the screen. Next, click ‘My Business Reporting’. You will then be directed to the statistics dashboard, where you can view graphs which analyze your sales, clients, and services over a period of time.

How do I register my business with Beautster and start using powerful business management tools?

Beautster’s sign-up process is quick and easy! Follow our step-by-step instructions below and start optimizing your business. Let’s get started: 1. Go to 2. Click on Sign Up dropdown menu on the top right-hand corner and select ‘For Business’ 3. Click the blue ‘Start for Free’ button, which will take you to the registration page. Here, you can sign-up by logging-in with your Google/Gmail login or entering your email address. 4. Sign-up with your e-mail or Gmail login information 5. If you choose the email option, fill out your basic information in the form provided. If you choose Gmail, your information will be filled-out automatically. 6. Tell us a little about your business - your business name, full address, phone number and hours of operation. These are all important details and will bring you one step closer to getting your business listed and earning income. 7. Select the services you offer to clients and select the price and length of each service offered. Please select at least 1 service, price, and duration in order to continue to the next step. You can come back to this step later and continue customizing your Service Menu and pricing. 8. List all of your current Staff/Employees or click next if you are the sole owner and work independently. 9. Upload examples of your work to your profile and ensure you assign a photo of your work to each service offered. No photos means your business won’t be discovered on Beautster’s image search and you’ll miss-out on a major stream of Beautster clients. 10. The final step is setting up your Online Payment and No-Show/Last-Minute Cancellations Protection. In today’s fast-paced, digital world, it’s important to allow clients to pay you online, but what’s even more important is being able to recover lost revenue resulting from no-shows and last-minute cancellations. You’re finished! You’ll now be redirected to your new Beautster profile, where you can begin entering your business location, create deals, add services and so much more. We know you will love your new profile and your customers will be glad you’re easily accessible and searchable on a unique online marketplace for Beauty and Wellness services. Get out there and start sharing your shiny new profile link!

How do I get Receive Payment through Beautster?

Beautster has modernized receiving payment for your services and we’ve made it a breeze for both you and your customers. By allowing clients to secure their appointment with a credit card at their time of booking, there’s no need to swipe Credit Cards at your Front Reception as payment information is securely stored in your client’s Beautster customer profile. All payments processed through Beautster's convenient Online Payment feature include a 3.25% Credit Card processing fee and will be deposited into the Bank Account associated with your Beautster Professional account. Once fully activated, transfers for payments will be deposited directly into your account within 2 to 3 business days. Let's get started: If you haven’t activated our Online Payments feature yet, you’ll first need to create a No-Show and Late Cancellation Policy. This includes choosing between our ‘Easy’, ‘Medium’ or ‘Hard’ cancellation policy. Choose the policy the best suited your business needs, and select “Save Changes.” Note: Activating a no-show policy will require that clients enter a credit card when booking with you – this feature can be disabled once payments have been activated. You will need to enter your Banking information, including your Transit, Account and Institution Number so you can start receiving deposits. Next, verify your identity to prevent payment delays and click “Complete Account Set-Up”. Once payments have been activated and deposited into your account, you will receive an email notification. Great, you’re ready to start receiving payments!

How can I Promote my Beautster Profile and Drive Traffic to my Booking Page?

Now that you’ve set up your Beautster profile, it’s time to let your clients know that they no longer have to call you to schedule appointments. Here are a few tips to get the word out about your Beautster profile! 1) Know your Beautster profile URL! Once you’ve created your profile on Beautster, you’ll have your very own booking website that clients can visit to book with you. Each Beautster booking link begins with: and generally ends with your Beautster ID in the format of “First Name-Last Name”. Click on ‘My Account’ to view your Beautster ID. 2) Add your Beautster URL to your Instagram Bio If you’re looking for an excellent way to generate traffic to your Beautster profile, copy and paste your Beautster booking page link right into your Instagram bio. Including your unique link means that clients who view your Instagram photos can instantly jump to your profile and book their next appointment with you. To edit your Instagram Bio, open the Instagram app and tap ‘Edit Your Profile’ at the top right corner of the screen, add your booking link: in the Website section and click 'Submit'. 3) Share your Beautster profile on Facebook and Twitter! Don’t be shy, letting your Facebook friends and Twitter follows know about your profile is also an excellent way to drive more traffic and bookings! Beautster makes it super easy for you to share your profile on Facebook and Twitter. If you're using a mobile device, visit on your mobile browser and log-in. Next, select the ‘More’ tab and click on ‘My Profile’. Finally, click ‘Promote Profile’ at the bottom of the screen. 4) Tell your clients about your Beautster profile page during their appointments It’s easy to dive right into the consultation and appointment and forget to mention your newly activated online booking feature before your client leaves. Make it a habit to let clients know that they can pre-book their next appointment using Beautster or that they can visit your Beautster profile to book 24/7 when they’re ready. 5) Mention your Beautster profile in your voicemail message! Take charge of your business and let your clients know that they can book their appointments online and mention your profile’s web address so they can easily find it. Here’s a great example: “Hello, you’ve reached you can book an appointment instantly online by going to, or leave a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can” 6) Print the URL of your Beautster profile on your business cards As a business owner you already have business cards, so include your Beautster booking link on them! Get creative and think outside the box – there are so many ways to spread the word about your newly launched Beautster page!

How can I Improve my Ranking in Beautster’s Search Results?

Once your profile is complete, you'll be listed in both our Client Search Directory and Image Search Directory. If a client searches you by name or a service you offer in their area, you will appear in their search results and they’ll be able to book with you. Here are some great tips to increase your rank in our directory and be found by more local clients: 1) Activate Online Booking! Activating Beautster’s Online Booking feature is the first step to reaching more clients! Clients use Beautster to find professionals they can conveniently book online, so we'll always promote professionals who have online booking turned on over those that don't. You can easily turn this feature on by visiting your ‘My Business’ page and selecting ‘Service Menu’. Here, you can toggle between on and off - don't forget to click ‘Save’ in the upper right-hand corner after you’ve made changes. 2) Add your appointments into your Beautster calendar When you or a client books an appointment through Beautster, this actually gives you a slight boost within our directory. That's because we want to make sure that we're only sending clients to active professionals. If you have some upcoming appointments you haven't added to your Beautster Calendar yet, be sure to add them to get a quick boost. 3) Encourage your clients to book with you online! While booking appointments over the phone can definitely do the job, appointments booked by your clients through your profile actually count for more and give a larger boost to our system. If a client wants to book with you, be sure to encourage them to visit your Beautster profile ( and book their appointment online. 4) Get more Reviews Reviews also impact your Beautster rank - the more you have, the higher you'll appear! Beautster helps you by sending your clients a link asking them to leave a rating and written review after their appointment. That's yet another reason to make sure you add all of your appointments into your Beautster Schedule. Not only will you get a boost for adding the appointments, you'll also start generating more reviews and building your reputation on our Marketplace. Note: If your client does not have an email address stored in your client list, a review request will automatically be sent as a text message notification. 5) Activate your online payment feature Beautster’s Online Payment tool is quick, convenient and easy to use! We also boost professionals who have activated their online payment feature. To activate Online Payment, visit: 6) Upload at least 5 high-quality photos of your work To upload a photo, log in to your account and click on ‘My Business’ at the top right-hand corner. Click on ‘Manage Photos’ and upload images from your computer, mobile device or easily import your photos from your Instagram account. Tip: The more high-quality images you include, the more attractive your profile will be to customers searching Beautster daily. 7) Include a Profile Photo Introduce yourself to customers by adding a profile photo - simply click on ‘My Account’ at the top right-hand corner and upload your profile photo. Tip: Whether it’s a headshot or a photo of your work, make sure your Profile Photo is eye-catching and inviting. 8) Create a comprehensive Service Menu including Prices Show your clients what you have to offer and be sure to include new or specialty services. To add services or update your Service Menu, click ‘My Business’ and ‘Service Menu’, then add/edit your services. Tip: Update your Service Menu whenever you make changes, and send notifications to your entire Client List to let them know about your exciting updates! * Don’t forget to click “Save Service” once you are finished. As you can see, there are a few variables designed to bump your profile to the top of Beautster’s search results. The order of appearance in our search results depends on the relevance of keywords between the searched item and the pages being searched. For instance, if your Beautster profile lists you as a Nail Artist in Calgary and you offer a manicure as one of your services, someone who types in ‘manicure, Toronto’ , will receive your profile in their search results, though not necessarily on the first page. Proper service titles, reviews, location/contact information, and profile/gallery photos are highly important because they help to boost your search ranking. Make sure you use the correct words and write simple descriptions when defining your profession and services. These provide the keywords that will help your page show up in search results. A client won’t typically search ‘Fabulously Fierce French Manicure’, But they will search ‘Manicure’ or ‘French Manicure’. 9) Include an About Me Once again, introduce yourself to customers and tell them what you’re passionate about, your specialties and your latest training or experience. Customers expect high-quality professional services, so promote yourself and talk yourself up a bit! Add your ‘About Me’ by clicking on ‘My Business’ then ‘Business Info’, tap into the ‘About Business’ box and type your About Me content. * Remember to click ‘Save’ in the top right-hand corner once you’ve made your edits.

Account Management - How do I Create my Service Menu?

Creating your Service Menu: - Log into your Professional Account and click ‘My Business’ on the top right-hand menu. - Click ‘Service Menu’ and select add/edit your services. - Tap ‘Save’ once you have finished creating or editing your services.

How do I set-up my Business’s Availability and Hours of Operation?

Clients need to know when you are open, so keep this section up-to-date to avoid frustrated clients and an unorganized business. Edit or update your hours of operation by clicking on ‘My Business’, then click ‘Business Info/ Open Hours’ and set/update your business hours.

How are my Statistics Calculated?

Beautster’s statistics are calculated based on historical data. What does this mean? Appointments you have previously processed through Beautster, and whether payment was received via Beautster’s Online Payment has an effect on your business’s statistics and ranking. In order to see the most accurate data in your Business Reporting tab, be sure to keep your schedule up to date, including recording cancellations and checkouts carefully. Note: Business graphs are updated periodically and may not reflect minute-by-minute changes.

I already have a Website – Can clients book Appointments through Beautster right on my Website?

Great question! While Beautster doesn’t offers any form of direct-from-website booking as if clients were booking directly from your Beautster profile, we do offer a handy ‘BOOK NOW’ button that you can easily insert into the HTML of your website. This allows your clients and potential clients to click a button on your website, which redirects them to your Beautster booking page and your Beautster profile! Follow these easy steps to embed your ‘Book Now’ button: 1. Visit 2. Log-in to your Beautster Professional account by clicking on the ‘Log in’ button in the upper right-hand corner. 3. Click ‘My Business’ then ‘Embed Book Now Button’. To build your badge, choose your preferred button size, then copy the HTML code and add it to your website’s HTML code. Need help? Contact

How do I Add Clients and Import My Client List?

Adding Clients into your Beautster profile is crucial because not only will your entire Client List be organized all in one place, you’ll also be able to easily use Beautster’s many unique business tools. Here are some of the benefits of uploading your Client List: * Send appointment reminders via an email or text message with 1 click * Let your clients know about openings in your schedule as well as extended hours or closures – rather than posting on your Facebook or Instagram pages hoping your clients will check, why not send a text message or email for a quick reply? * Easily announce Special Promotions, Deals or Discounts * Invite Clients to join your Referral Program To Manually Import your Client List, follow the steps below: 1. Visit and log in at the top right-hand corner 2. Click on the ‘My Clients’ tab 3. Select ‘Add New Client’ to manually enter a client 4. Enter your client's name and contact information, then Click ‘Add Client’ To Add Clients directly from a Spreadsheet: 1. Visit and log in at the top right-hand corner 2. Click on the ‘Clients’ tab 3. Tap on the ‘Upload Client List’ link 4. Fill out a request and attach your client list file Note: your file must include the following columns: First Name, Last Name, E-mail address, and Phone Number in order to upload properly 5. Send your request to our team That’s it, you’ll soon be ready to use Beautster’s unique features!

I already use Online Booking for My Business - How do I Sync my Google Calendar with my Beautster Calendar?

Syncing your Google Calendar with Beautster means that each appointment will automatically be copied into your Beautster schedule and will avoid double-bookings or over-booking. A Synced calendar also allows you to only accept bookings at actual, real time blocks of available times. Clients won’t be able to book you if they select a day and time that’s already booked-up, but they can select times that are convenient for their schedule. Note: Beautster’s Online Booking calendar only works with Google Calendar, so you must have an existing or create a new Gmail account to Sync your calendars. Appointments are automatically synced every 5 minutes, so your online calendar is always up-to-date. Let’s Get Started: - Visit and log-in at the top right-hand corner - Click on the ‘My Dashboard’ tab, then click ‘Sync Calendar’

How do I Delete my Professional Account?

Deleting your Beautster account means you’ll no longer be able to access or use our unique business management tools, attract new customers or be part of our Online Marketplace for Beauty and Wellness services. Any clients who currently books with you through Beautster will also no longer be able to find you on our platform. If you would like to delete your account, follow the steps below: - Visit and login to your business account and the top right-hand corner - Click on ‘My Account’ then ‘Account Settings’ - Click on ‘I know, leave the Marketplace’ at the bottom of the page If you're unsure what it means to delete your Beautster account, canceling your subscription and deleting your Business Profile will: - Block access to Beautster’s Business tools and stop future subscription payments - If you choose to re-activate your subscription in the future, your information will still be available - If a client searches for your Business, your page will not appear in their search results - If a client searches for a service, your page will not appear in their search results Note: If you delete your Business Profile during a payment cycle, you will have access to Beautster and our features until the end of the payment cycle. For example, if your monthly payment is typically processed on October. 31st but you delete your account on October. 15th, you’ll be able to use Beautster until October 31st.

How can I Update or Change my Password?

1. Visit and log-in at the top right-hand corner 2. Click ‘My Account’ then ‘Account Settings’ 3. Simply change your password

How do I Send a Mass Marketing Email to My Clients?

Beautster believes that word-of-mouth and referral marketing are the easiest and most effective marketing strategies, but sometimes sending e-mail marketing campaigns is unavoidable. Get your marketing on and keep your clients informed about your latest and greatest products, deals and promotions, extended hours, new staff members or new service offerings! 1. Visit and log-in at the top right-hand corner 2. Click on ‘My Clients’ then click the ‘Start email Marketing’ button on the left of your screen 3. Select which clients will receive your email 3. Fill-out the ‘Subject Line’ – remember, this is your one chance to get your client to open the email to make sure it’s catchy, informative and engaging! 4. Compose your e-mail marketing message - you can also attach a file to your email, so make sure it’s a great photo and that it’s relevant to your email 5. When you’re happy with your e-mail, click ‘Send’ and your e-mail will be delivered to your selected clients. No one likes to be left in the dark, so make sure your clients are informed about what’s going on with your business!