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Where to book an Updo Near You in Canada at a great price

Nothing can change your look from a relaxed person to a regal lady quite like an easy hair updo. Whether you’re working on a second-day topknot with an added side of chic with a ballerina bun or going full-on glam with an intricate braided design, a simple updo is always a great idea. There is no discrimination either, as there is plenty of short hair updo, long hair updo, side bun hair updo, and other options available. 

What is an updo?

An updo is a hairstyle that involves arranging your hair in a way they point up and give you a glamorous look. It can be as simple as a side bun updo or a ponytail, but it is commonly associated with elaborate styles for special occasions like proms or weddings.

Maintenance of your updo

If your hair is pinned too tightly, or the hair updo slips causing the pulling on your hair in the follicle at the hair root, it’ll cause aggravation to the hair follicles resulting in headaches. Even though many people use braided updo extensions as a form of convenience and as a reflection of their personal style, it is important that you don’t keep the braids for longer than the time needed if you want to avoid hair loss or hair breakage. Proper braid hair updo techniques and proper maintenance will result in minimal hair damage even with repeated braid updo hair extensions.

Where you can get the best updo hairstyles in Canada at reasonable prices?

While there are many exciting hair salons in Canada to get updos for weddings or proms, but at Beautster, we aim to provide better updo services than others. You can visit and you will get to know the best updo salons near you. You can book an appointment in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton as you will experience some of the best updo hairstyles at reasonable prices.

How much does an average updo for the wedding cost?

It makes perfect sense to get a wedding hair updo and makeup before your wedding to ensure that you and your wedding styling is on the same page about how you want to look on the day of the wedding.

The average cost of a bridal hair updo costs up to $100 and the average cost of simple hair updos costs $55. When talking about updo with makeup, the airbrush typically comes with a higher price tag than the traditional application. The average cost of airbrush makeup costs around $115.

Most popular variations of hair updo in 2020

The internet is overflowing with hair updo ideas and you have more options than ever. Here are the most popular variations for hair updo hairstyles

French braid updo

French braid hair updo is an exciting variation of braids and bun as the French braid it opts till the nape of your neck or the area that you find preferable at the centre or the sides. All that you have to do is create a bun instead of braiding your hair till the ends.

Fishtail braid updo

A unique variation of braid and bud, fishtail braid updo is great for weddings or proms. After your bun reaches the position you want for it, roll up the braid to create a bun by securing it with hair clips.

Topknot updo

Topknot bun one of the most stylish updo hairstyles as it is made at the top of your head by winding your hair into a cute bun. It has become a popular hair updo hairstyle after several celebrities began styling it during awards, events, movies, and special appearances. 

Even if you have greasy hair, it wouldn’t be a problem as it’ll surely give you an elegant look that you can flaunt.

Crown braid updo

This hairstyle is a trendy variation of Crown Braid and Updo. In this stylish hair updo hairstyle, you start from the nape of your neck and move ahead from the side, crossing the front of your head, and again reach the point from where you started. This simple updo is easy but will need practicing to be done perfectly.

Milkmaid braid updo

Milkmaid braid is a combination of fun and simple braids. In this hairstyle, you’ll need to divide your hair into two equal parts, make simple updo braids till the end on both sides, and cross it over each other passing the front area or the crown.