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Find & get the best sugaring treatment near you in Canada

There are many hair removal treatments available out there and everyone has their own favourite. But honestly speaking, no treatment can give you an ideal success in the removal of unwanted hair. Shaving will not last as long, there are depilatories but again, it’s a hit or miss, and then there is waxing which will hurt like hell. If you are looking for an ideal treatment or at least a treatment close to ideal, Sugaring is one to go along with.

What is body sugaring?

Sugaring is a very brilliant and organic treatment for hair removal. It uses a very sticky, gel-like substance for the job. This substance is very pure, organic, and 100% biodegradable. Made from a mixture of sugar, lemon juice, and water, this hair removal mix is also Hypoallergenic.

How is sugaring done?

Sugaring is done very similar to how waxing is done. The sweet paste is applied in the clean skin where you need your hair removed. A cloth called the sugaring strip is applied on it and with a sudden quick moment, it is removed. Hair is stuck on the strip and with the quick pull, the hair also gets uprooted and removed. Result: A smooth looking, healthy hairless skin.

How much does sugaring costs near me?

A typical full-body sugaring wax treatment will cost you anywhere between $10 to $60 depending on your body, the hair, and many other factors.  Hop in and book your slot today. visit

How to get top quality sugaring services near me?

If you live anywhere near Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary & Edmonton, well you are extremely lucky. Beautster will acquaint you with some of the best salons near you. These salons offer the best, cleanest, and the most sophisticated sugaring treatment in the whole of Canada, The professionals who work here are sent to a professional training center every few months to keep their practice. They are thoroughly trained and are made to practice, again and again, to give you a very clean and less painful hair-removal treatment. 

Sugar Waxing Types

There are typically three types of sugar wax available in the market. There are recipes available that can help you make the paste at home.

  1. Egyptian Sugar wax: This recipe uses honey over sugar. The rest of the ingredients are almost the same with a little quantity variations.
  2. Indian recipe: Sugar, lemon, and water. That is all you’ll ever require to make a great sugaring paste for your waxing session. This is one of the most common recipes across the world.
  3. Mixed recipe: Yes. A mixture of both, the Indian and the Egyptian recipe, where both sugar and honey are used in different proportions.

How long does sugaring last?

A good, professional, and clean sugaring wax hair removal would last you for as long as 3 weeks to 5 weeks. But this totally depends on your hair growth speed. The hair on some people has grown back as early as 2 weeks while on some, the hair did not grow back for more than 2 months. Try sugaring and find out how your skin and hair responds to these treatments.

Should you consider sugaring treatment when pregnant?

Sugaring is a completely safe hair removal treatment for anyone. In fact, sugaring is considered to be a very professional, clean, and safe treatment for pregnant women. Sugaring doesn’t cause any irritation, not cause any rashes, and moreover, doesn’t hurt as much. However, it is best to consult your obstetrician who can give you the best advice considering your other problems as well.

Does sugaring hurt?

Yes, it does but not as much as waxing does. The sugaring paste doesn’t stick to your skin as wax does. Only the hair strands get trapped in the gel. Hence, when you pull the wax strip, it doesn’t pull the skin and cell but instead only the hair. Since hair is removed from the root, there will be a slight poking pain but as the cells are not pulled, it will not pain as much as waxing.

Is sugaring bad for your skin?

Absolutely not. Sugaring wax is made of completely natural and organic substances like sugar and lemon. Therefore, the application of wax won’t affect your skin but it has been observed that the application of the gel at certain temperatures might cause rashes. But the bottom line is, it won’t cause severe problems.