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Book the best and most affordable Full Face Threading Clinics and Salons near you in Canada

Who doesn’t like to have a very clean looking and healthy skin? But, can you achieve it? What are the practices available and are they worth trying? 

You can choose to wax or laser treat your skin to remove the extra unwanted hair on your face. But are these methods good enough? 

You can find answers to all these questions here and some of the best salons may be just a few blocks away from you.

What is Fullface threading? What does it include?

Fullface threading is a technique of removal of unwanted hair from your face i.e. the hair above your lips, on your cheek, chin, forehead, temple, etc. 

These hair are very tiny and extremely delicate to deal with. They are scientifically known as “Vellus Hair”. People prefer to remove this hair as removing them enhances the smoothness of the skin and make it look more glowing and healthy. It provides a very smooth surface for you to put makeup on like a new canvas for painting. Such hair is so tiny that sometimes even laser treatment and waxing them doesn’t remove them. Hence, Fullface threading has become a very popular option for such needs.

Full Face threading or waxing? Which one is better?

Full face threading is a great alternative to laser or waxing the whole face. In this technique, every single unwanted hair is pulled right out of your skin to make the skin look cleaner. The hair on the eyebrows, upper and lower lips, near the chin, sideburns, the jawline, nose, around the cheeks and forehead are pulled one by one leaving behind beautiful, healthier-looking skin.

What are some of the best Full face threading clinics in Canada?

You can find some extremely great salons in Canada who do this job with extreme care and precision. can help you find some of the top ones in the market. Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, etc have some of the most positively rated Face threading salons in Canada. Give a try.

How beneficial is Full Face threading?

Well, of course. The tiny hair on your skin makes the skin look dark and dull. It hides the actual shade of the skin and also traps in dirt and pollution particles from the air. Sometimes it also traps the oil making the skin look oily and cause acne. Removing this hair will discard all these problems and also keep the skin healthier and free from any skin problems.

Is Full Face Threading Painful?

Yes. It does hurt but I believe you should easily be able to tolerate the pain. It involves pulling the hair by the roots embedded into the skin. It will definitely hurt and sometimes it leaves behind red swollen skin. But this is totally temporary. The swelling will disappear in a few hours and the skin will look the best version of itself.

Is the process safe? What are the downsides of Fullface threading?

Fullface threading is definitely a really great technique to have clean and healthier-looking skin but this may come with a price. Sometimes the skin can get shadowy and doing it very often can make the skin look soggy. If not done with proper hygiene and with the correct techniques, this practice can also cause HPV and folliculitis. It is a skin situation where a skin breakout-like condition caused due to irritation in the hair follicles. That is why opting for the right salon and technician with great hygiene is crucial for Fullface threading.

Precautionary steps for Fullface threading

If you take the necessary steps, you may escape from the problems caused by this technique. Cleaning the area before and after the procedure thoroughly, using only trusted products and the ones that suit you will help. Avoid using any kind of chemicals on the skin during the period.

How much does full face threading cost?

Fullface threading can be expensive as your requirement changes. If you choose to go to a very highly reputed salon, it may cost you a fortune. Otherwise, even smaller salons can provide you with great service at extremely affordable prices. The prices can vary from $5 up to $40. 

How often should you do it?

Full face threading lasts to at least 6-8 weeks depending on how quickly your hair grows. So paying a little extra money every 8 weeks should not be a problem seeing that the result will improve your skin quality and your confidence.

Book an appointment today and see the real skin under your hair. Show the confidence that was trapped in you all this time and seize the day.