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Find & get your hair permed from the best salons near you at unbelievable prices 

Yes, definitely the bushy and dense perms look like the 80s style just out from the vogue but are you explore, there are plenty of modern perms that will look absolutely gorgeous on you. Men or women, Curly hair or straight hair, doesn’t matter. Your hair will look as if you just got a blow-out from a salon every time people see you. This article will aim at answering every tiny detail you require before getting a perm treatment while convincing you to visit to book an appointment and get your perm done today.  


What is a Hair Perm? 

A perm is a technique where the professional stylist will treat your hair with solutions - Organic or Chemical to alter and improve the texture of your hair and permanently curl or wave your hair. There are different perm styles for every hair type - Perms for short hair, Long hair, Highlighted, and colored hair, etc.  


What are the different types of Hair Perms? 

In a very broad distribution, Perms are of two types: A Hot perm and a Cold Perm.  


What is Hot Perm? 

Hot Perm is meant for those people who do not have enough time to do their hair every day. A good hot perm will require very little maintenance and can last up to 6 months. In this technique, a very strong acid (Of pH as low as 4.5) is used to break the disulphide bonds of your hair. Breaking these bonds helps easy curling of hair and heat is used to complete this process. The method is often called an acid perm or a digital perm. It is a very versatile form of perming and a number of styles like the beach wave, body wave or spiral can be done using this method.  


The drawback of Hot perm - Since heat is not good for your hair roots, the stylist will try to avoid perming near the roots. Therefore, the bottom hair section will be left unattended with less volume and very little or no lift.  


What is Cold Perm? 

A cold perm uses chemicals with pH as high as 9.6. These are very alkaline and can be beneficial to your hair. In this method, similar to Hot perm, the disulphide bonds need to be broken but unlike acids, Cold perm uses ammonium thioglycolate for the job. People often refer to cold perm as a ceramic perm. After the process, the stylist will neutralize the hair back to its natural pH giving them a new, glossy, and curled look. 


The drawback of getting a cold perm is its limitation over the number of styles it can do. A cold perm can be adopted to get a tight spiral of different sizes only. Hence, Hot perm is preferred over cold perm.  


Where can you find the best Perm hair salon in Canada? 

Canada, being the second largest country, has some of the most well-known perm salons in the world. Visit to find the best salon of your choice and requirement in Canada. The site has sorted down and listed some of the best perm salons in Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, and Edmonton. 


How much does a Perm cost?

the starting price is as low as $30.


How should you prepare your hair before getting a perm? Can you wash it after the treatment? 

For the perm chemicals to penetrate deep into your hair for an ideal treatment, your hair must be cleaned thoroughly. Every little oil and dirt particle must be removed from it to make room for the chemicals. Therefore, the stylist will wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo to prepare them for perming.  


Moreover, you shouldn’t wash or even touch your hair for the next 48 hours after getting a perm. The more careful you are, the prettier will the hair look and for longer will it last. 


How long does a typical perm last? 

A typical perm session lasts usually for about 4-5 hours and if you take good care of it, both initially and later, the perm will last for as long as 6 months. But again, this will totally depend on your hair texture, growth rate, and hair health. 


Can you perm and color your hair simultaneously? 

Of course, you can but it is not recommended. Your hair cuticle can only take in so much at a time and if your force it too much, it will obey but neither the color nor will the perm last as long. Hence it is recommended to get a perm and maybe after a couple of weeks, you can get your hair colored.