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Book a Pedicure Appointment in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Toronto at the Best Spa Near you at Great Prices 

It’s important to take care of your feet year-round since they get you around and carry your entire body weight. Whether it’s summer and you want your feet and toes to look and feel sandal-ready or whether it’s winter, there are medical and esthetic reasons to schedule regular pedicure appointments. If you’re feeling adventurous, book a fish pedicure where tiny fish will nibble on the dead skin on your feet. Otherwise, choose from a variety of foot care and pedicure options including french, shellac, gel, nails with designs, or regular nail polish application. 

Book a Pedicure Appointment in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Toronto

Visit and book a pedicure appointment in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary or Toronto. Nail salons are joining Beautster’s unique online marketplace daily, with plans to expand to London Ontario, Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg, Kelowna, Victoria, BC and the rest of Canada.

What is a pedicure?

A pedicure is a treatment for the feet and toenails. It also includes pampering the heels and the entire foot. Pedicures are done to relax and refresh tired or sore feet, to remove dead skin and to help feet look cosmetically pleasing. Both men and women can get pedicured, and male pedicures have increased in popularity over the past several years. Many nail salons also provide a foot, shin and lower leg massage as part of a pedicure appointment.  

What does pedicure mean?

Pedicure is derived from the Latin words pedis, meaning ‘of the foot’ and cura, meaning ‘care’ and dates back thousands of years. 

How are pedicures done?

Whether you’re well experienced with all types of pedicures or whether it’s your first time, there are many benefits to booking a pedicure. Regular pedicures are a great way to remove dead skin or calluses, keep your feet soft and give your feet the care they deserve. After all, your feet carry you everywhere you go and sore, rough feet don’t feel good barefoot or in shoes. 

A standard pedicure begins with a warm, soothing foot soak followed by the removal of dead skin from the heels and balls of your feet. Next, the toenails are trimmed, and cuticles are pushed back. Most nail salons also offer a paraffin wax dip at an extra cost to hydrate and soften your skin. Afterwards, you can choose between various nail polish options and designs including french tips, shellac, gel or regular nail polish. 

How long does a pedicure take?

The length of time a pedicure will take depends on the amount of time it takes your pedicure to dry as well as any custom designs you choose. Shellac nail polish will be completely dry and set once it dries under a salon’s UV light, while regular nail polish might take up to 1 hour to become completely smudge and chip-proof. 

How much does a pedicure cost?

Since there are so many pedicure types to choose from, the cost of a pedicure can vary. In general, a pedicure can cost between $15 to $60+ depending on the salon or spa you choose. If you choose a nail design, gems or a french pedicure, it will cost more than a regular pedicure. 

How much should you tip for a pedicure?

Tipping for a pedicure depends on how long the pedicure appointment takes, and the cost of the pedicure. Also, take into consideration that many nail salons don’t pay their nail techs hourly. Instead, they might get paid minimum wage plus commission. A 15% to 20% tip is perfectly acceptable and customary. 

How often should you get a pedicure? 

If you’d like your feet to stay soft and avoid hangnails, chips or poorly shaped nails, you shouldn’t wait too long between pedicure appointments. Once every 3 or 4 weeks is what nail techs recommend to maintain good foot health. If you pre-book pedicures at regular intervals, you’ll likely only need touch-ups rather than a long appointment to remove built-up dead skin and calluses.