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The best hair straightening salons near me!

We bring you all the best hair smoothening and straightening salons around to help you choose the best option for yourself and easily book a seat!

From the cheapest hair smoothening salons to the most professional hair straightening salons, read the reviews, compare the stylists and check every price to make the best decision for your lovely hair! 

Hair Straightening vs. Hair Smoothening, which is the best choice for my hair?

Although hair straightening salons follow a similar goal of reaching smooth, soft, and curl-free hair, their procedures differ from those of hair smoothening salons. Hair straightening and hair smoothening both try to break down the molecular bondings that curl up the strands. They use chemicals to reshape the hair into a softer, sleeker, and shinier look and fix the hair in this position with the help of chemical neutralizers as long as they can. However, their main difference is the level of transformation that happens to the hair. 

In hair smoothening salons, your hair type does not fundamentally change. Your curly hair is temporarily relaxed to give it a straighter, sleeker, and softer texture. This makes hair smoothening a viable choice for people with smaller curls and flyaway frizz as it does enough smoothening to offer them more manageable hair for a few months. You can try hair smoothening at home, with smoothening serums, creams, and masks, as well as at-home Keratin Kits. Alternatively, you can book a seat at a hair smoothening salon to go through a traditional Keratin treatment.  

For people with coily or super curly hair, a trip to a hair straightening salon makes more sense. Hair straightening treatments permanently alter the molecular structures of the hair, making it the last resort for people who can not straighten their hair any other way. Hair straightening methods break down the hair elements and rebond them all over again with loads of protein and ironing. These methods result in hair that is permanently straight until it is cut. You would have to wait until new hair strands grow to have your natural hair back. 

The most considerable hair straightening methods include extensive flat iron straightening, hair relaxing, hair rebonding treatments, Japanese hair straightening, and it's more modern and brand-specific variations. Yuko hair straightening is a more advanced version of the Japanese method. Liscio thermal conditioning claims to offer similar results as Japanese straightening with less harmful side effects. Magic hair straightening presents a formaldehyde-free version of the Japanese straightening process. 

Hair straightening demands a firm commitment as it is a long, complex, and time-taking treatment that requires extensive aftercare and, if misapplied, may result in severe side effects. So it is crucial to find an experienced and skilled technician in a reputable hair straightening salon to have your hair straightened in a less risky way.  

How much does it cost to get your hair straightened?

For a fully-fledged treatment at a ladies' hair straightening salon, you can expect an average of $600 with prices varying from $300 to more than $1000, based on your hair type, length, and current health. Your living area also plays a significant role in your hair straightening costs as metropolitan areas, and big cities have higher upkeep costs, which relatively increase the prices. If you opted for a Japanese hair straightening, that would cost you a hefty $700 on average. 

To book a Keratin treatment at a hair smoothening salon, you would have to pay an average of $400, with variables such as hair length and used products altering the price from $300 to $550. Keratin treatment is also known as Brazilian hair smoothening, so be careful not to pay extra for different branding. 

Can you permanently straighten your hair at a salon?

Yes, That is the traditional way of things. Despite the arrival of numerous hair straightening and smoothening kits in the market, booking a seat at a professional hair straightening salon ensures higher quality and a less risky path to permanent hair straightening. Sure, you would spend a lot of money, but in return, you can have an experienced professional expertly apply the highly chemical products on your hair. That is always a better choice when dealing with toxic materials that can deal irreversible damage to your hair. 

Which treatment is best for hair straightening?

Choosing the proper treatment or product for hair straightening is crucial in reaching smoother and softer hair. Plenty of variables must be taken into account when making this decision. Your current hair type, level of curliness, hair density, hair length, the humidity of your day-to-day environment, the risks of the treatment, and the necessary aftercare are some of the most common factors that must affect your final choice. That is why it is highly recommended to book a consultation session with your hair smoothening salon of choice. Permanent hair straightening will impact multiple aspects of your life, from the duration of your hair and skin routine to certain limitations in terms of using shampoos and skin products, so it is vital to think long and hard before changing your hair type. 

Is hair straightening safe?

Like many other chemical procedures, hair straightening can cause a wide range of side effects. As the hair strands, roots and scalp are weakened by all the chemicals applied at the hair straightening salon, you will have to deal with more fragile hair pretty soon. As the initial fresh and sleek straightness begins to wear off after a few months, breakage, hair splits, itchiness, and hair loss will be some of the most common side effects that one has to go through. There is another long-term disadvantage caused by sitting at a hair straightening salon for hours, every few months. Being exposed to the toxic gasses released during the hair straightening procedure may lead to respiratory problems, skin rashes, and allergic reactions. 

That being said, going through the straightening process at a professional, standard, and reputable hair straightening salon can significantly minimize the hair straightening hazards. You will have to worry less about damaging your hair and your body if you give your hair to the hands of a hair straightening expert. 

What are the side effects of straightening hair?

The most common side effects of hair straightening or smoothening are the ones that are caused by weakening the molecular bondings in hair strands. Hair fall is a typical occurrence after hair smoothening, as well as an itchy scalp, which is another contributor to losing hair and dandruff. Smoothed hair has lost some elements that hold it together, so it is more prone to breakage and splitting. If these demerits pile up, you will also have to consider the mental stress that might occur when facing beauty deterioration and other health hazards such as respiratory diseases and allergic reactions. 

How long will permanent hair straightening stay?

The longevity of hair straightening is one of the main reasons behind its popularity despite all the possible side effects. Although many factors affect the effective duration of a visit to a hair straightening salon, you can expect an average of 6 to 8 months of smooth and sleek hair. Your growth rate, hair care routine, the straightening aftercare, and the straightening method itself are some of the main determiners of the effective length of a hair straightening session. 

On the other hand, in most hair smoothening salons, the expected span is about 3 to 4 months, but bear in mind that hair smoothening forces a lot less transformation to your hair and is much less damaging to your hair and scalp. So choosing the right hair smoothening procedure for yourself will always be a give and take situation with pros and cons of each treatment,  

To ease your decision-making, Beautster has brought you all the possible options for hair straightening around you. Compare hair straightening and hair smoothening salons, check their services and pricing, and book a seat right away!