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Where can you get the best keratin hair treatment near you in Canada?  

A Frizz-less, smooth and shiny lush lock hair is one everyone craves for. But not everyone is lucky to have it grow naturally. All thanks to the genius and amazingly popular ‘Keratin Treatment”, everyone can get this kind of hair now. Read on to know what keratin treatment exactly is and how will it affect you, both look wise and Healthwise. The article will also acquaint you with, a one-stop-shop for everything you require to make you look more beautiful than ever before.  


What do you understand by Keratin Hair Treatment? 

In simple words, a keratin treatment is a salon treatment that helps smoothens your hair. In this technique, the stylist will apply a very thin coat of protein liquid on your hair. This layer will tend to seal the hair cuticle which is the reason for the fizziness of your hair. The coating also adds smoothness and a glossy look to your hair. A good keratin treatment will make your hair more manageable than ever reducing your styling time to half or even lesser. 


Where can I get a good keratin treatment in Canada? 

Canada has some of the best salons and stylists in the world. Choosing one among them will be a very difficult job. That is why you ought to visit today. You can find the best salon for the job here and to sort them out, you can read the numerous reviews of the place before booking an appointment. Numerous salons have been listed carefully from Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton and you will definitely find one you deserve for the best prices at  


How long does a typical Keratin Treatment last? How should you prepare yourself for one? 

A good Keratin treatment was done professionally and with proper technique and hygiene should last you for at least 6 months. A Professional stylist will need 2-3 hours to perform Keratin treatment on you and the effects may take anywhere between a day or two to show effects. Therefore, a similar Brazilian Keratin treatment can be an option that takes lesser time and shows results very quickly. On the other hand, there are some keratin treatments meant to be 100% Organic and safe for your hair. 


Which Keratin Treatment is the best? 

There are many Keratin Smoothening treatments out there but the top 3 Keratin treatments considering the hair health and the versatility of the treatment are as follows: 


L’ANZA Keratin Hair Treatment 

Free of parabens. Sulphates, gluten, and obviously Sodium chloride. Does its job while healing your hair. 


Awapuhi Wild Ginger Keratin Treatment 

An application of a blend of Awapuhi ginger and keratin - Repairs your hair while hydrating, replenishing and moisturizing it. Even with naturally curly hair, this treatment will bring the glossy look you want. 


Brazilian Hair Keratin Treatment 

Every keratin treatment demands an intense hair wash before the process begins and with Brazilian treatment, even the shampoo used has keratin to give your hair the extra keratin supplement for a good session. 



Does keratin treatment straighten hair? 

Yes, typical keratin treatment will straighten your hair and it actually looks good on straight hair.  


Is Keratin treatment beneficial over color-treated hair? 

Color treating your hair will open up the cuticles of your hair. A keratin treatment tends to penetrate into these cuticles, sealing it for a good appearance. Hence, a keratin treatment works better on color-treated hair over natural hair.  


Is Keratin Treatment good for your hair? Is it safe? 

Keratin treatments can definitely harm your hair the more you do it. Keratin treatment involves the use of formaldehyde or chemicals which react to produce formaldehyde. These chemicals are required to be applied on your hair at high heat and temperature so that it can work effectively on looking at the hair and offering the smoothness of your demand. Both, the use of these chemicals and the high-temperature can harm your hair and is usually not recommended for people with damaged hair. Besides the gases produced during the treatment can cause a sore throat, nose bleeds, and sometimes scratchy eyes. There are many alternatives to keratin treatment but they are not as effective.