Where are the best hair color salons near me? 

We have gathered the best and most professional hair color services in Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, Edmonton, and many other cities in Canada right here!

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How much does hair coloring cost at a salon?

Hair color prices usually start from around $50 for lower end hair color stylists and raise about $150 for mid-range to luxury hair color salons. Demanding particular hair color services such as Lowlights, Babylights, Balayage, or specific colors like different shades of purple, green, or orange hair colors will affect your hair color costs significantly. Other influential factors to the end price include your hair length, hair type and texture, thickness, hair history and prior hair colors, and the general state of your hair’s health. Your hair color expert of choice will ask you about such information to offer you professional hair color advice about the number of necessary appointments, the amount of needed hair color products, and details about the aftercare to keep your beautiful hair color looking like a million dollars.

Many hair colorists recommend their clients book a consultation session prior to the primary appointment to discuss such matters and ensure the hair coloring result is precisely what the client wants. This would also give the hair color expert an idea of how much time they must allocate to a particular client since depending on the requested hair color services, the session may take longer times, which would affect the hair color salon’s schedule and the client’s check. 

If you do not want to spend a lot of money and are looking for a good deal to get great results and not break the bank, it would be a good idea to have a look at Beautster’s hot deals (link to hot deals) to book a seat with a professional hair colorist for a fraction of the price. Hair color salons of all shapes and sizes, especially smaller ones and franchise branches tend to offer limited-time offers on their hair color services at times when their hair products have been discounted or when they are running special promotions. Another reason behind the affordability of cheap hair color services in salon chains is their general usage of inexpensive hair dyes and their bulk purchase privileges. 

When booking a luxury hair salon seat, you should be prepared to pay extra money for exclusive hair color products held to the utmost professional standards. Performed by hair color experts present at such salons, these services usually deliver value for their higher costs, including more experienced and thorough hair color recommendations and advice that justifies their price. Also, certain hair color salons offer unique products such as organic hair colors or handmade dyes, which may cost different from the usual norms. 

Apart from the quality of the hair color products, the hair colorist proficiency, and the level of hair color salons, your hair color services of choice are the biggest determiner of your final costs. Let us break down the costs of some of the more common special services requested by most clients.


As mentioned before, shorter hair uses less product and requires less time to be done, and that is no different for highlighting your hair. It would cost around $50 to highlight short hair, and that price can be doubled to highlight hair that is longer than shoulder. Adding a color or two to your highlight will also increase your hair color cost from around $20 to $40. And then there is the amount of bleaching or the usage, which must be considered by your hair colorist to make up your final price. 


Time is a significant factor for hair color salons when coming up with their hair color catalog pricing. Balayage is one of the more expensive hair color services as it takes much time to be performed. Balayage prices vary around $200 on average, and that price does not include a full blow-dry or hair styling in more expensive hair color salons. Other added costs could be using extra toner, lightener, and hair color if requested. However, you can decide to ask for a partial balayage to cut some costs and pay around $50 to $70.

Colorful hair color services

Permanent hair dying to more radical colors would cost more as it requires more time and effort for the hair colorist to perform it on your hair. The price will also depend on your current hair color, as people with natural blonde, gray, or white hair colors would need less processing to get colorful hair dyes. Blue, purple, and green hair color prices would range from $300 to $400 for darker hair while it would cost half that price half for lighter shades of gray or blonde, ranging from $150 to $200

Darker shades of colors usually cost more as they need more hair dye to reach the promised color, so you may expect lower costs for light pink, orange or red hair colors. 

How much is permanent hair color?

Using permanent hair color services is the ultimate choice for changing your hair color completely. Sometimes branded as True Color hair colors, the dye would penetrate your cuticles to bring you a new look that lasts long and stays vibrant for 6 to 8 weeks until new hair grows out. Then, you would need touch-up sessions with your hair color stylist to maintain the dye and color the new areas. 

Dying your hair permanently gives you your desired hair color until it is cut, but regardless of the hair growth, it would still require maintenance by a hair color expert to look nice and shiny. 

Permanent hair color costs vary from $70 to $200 for longer hair and darker tints. Plus, you have to pay from $60 to $180 for a recolor appointment with a hair color salon. 

What is a hair Colour service?

Hair color services are basically all the different methods that hair colorists use to achieve their customer’s desired hair color and style. Here are some of the widely known hair coloring processes done at every hair color salon:

Full head, high and low light Foils 

Hair color stylists use this method to give a sense of vibrance and movement to the hair, by coloring half the hair and leaving the rest of it untouched. It would require less maintenance as it embraces your natural hair color and allows the hair color expert to unleash their creativity on the client’s head. 

Parting Foils

In this method, the hair colorist focuses on dying around the parting area of the head, allowing the user to add a slight shade of a new color to her natural or colored hair and freshening up the look without changing a lot. 

Toner and Glossing

This is a fast and easy way to get creative with your hair, with no commitment to a specific color or look. These methods shine your hair intensely and add a fresh tone that lasts around 8 washes and is cleared from the hair evenly. 


A procedure that is loved by beauty seekers and recommended by hair color experts, as it allows the clients to live through different hair color shades, tones, and styles. It offers a temporary but luxurious hair color that is shiny and lasts around 16 to 24 shampoos. 

Permanent Hair Coloring

As explained before, The ultimate choice to color your hair forever until naturally colored hair grows. 

Root Tint

A touch-up procedure to cover freshly grown hair with a similar hair color that was permanently applied before. 


A technique that each hair colorist uniquely performs to achieve a gradual blend of natural and colored hair. Like other hair color services that are a mix of applied and natural hair colors, balayage does not require a lot of retouches and can be done in numerous ways, from soft shades to extremely bold blends.

Which salon is best for hair coloring?

Now that is the million-dollar question. Beautster allows you to overview every hair color salon around you, along with its hair color service list, different levels of hair colorists present at each location,the additional hair dying packages and pricing, to help you find the best option for yourself and achieve the looks of your dreams!