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Where are the best woman's haircut salons near me?

Beautster has gathered around the best women's haircut salons nearby to help you find the best option for you and book a seat right away!

From luxurious to affordable, read the reviews from all female haircut salons in Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, Edmonton, and many other cities in Canada.

Compare the stylists, locations, prices, and client photos to have a well-rounded decision for your future look and discover your next style!

Haircut Styles For Ladies

Most haircuts given in women's haircut salons fall into these five categories: blunt cut, layered cut, bob cut, shag cut, and pixie cut. Every other female hairstyle is a variation of these main groups of haircuts, with hairstylists getting creative by combining two styles, cutting the hair at different lengths, or going with particular styles like asymmetrical cuts or braids. 

One of the most popular haircuts throughout history, a blunt cut is a symmetrical haircut, usually at shoulder length or longer, cut evenly at the bottom. It is a good choice for hair types of straighter nature that are not too voluminous or thick, as frizzy or dense hair would not lay down particularly well if styled with a blunt cut. Despite the definition specifying shoulder-long hair, every hairstyle cut symmetrically around the head with the same length is also a subcategory of the blunt cut. From neck short to hip long, as long as every hair strand is cut equally, it is blunt cut all the way. 

If you try cutting your hair at an angle upwards, you end up with a variation of a layered cut. In a layered cut, the hair is cut shorter as it gets further away from the center, and it reaches its longest point around the neck and beneath. The hair layers often connect at a 45-degree angle and may turn out to be two noticeable layers on the forehead or be blended by multiple layers. The layered cut can be an excellent choice for every hair type and length, especially for the curly or thick-haired. 

Stylish, flexible, and fashionable, Bob haircuts are absolute crowd-pleasers. They are usually cut above the shoulder, can have a layered style, and are usually either evenly cut at the back or are longer at the front. A notable variation would be an A-Line Bob, with shorter hair in the back which gradually gets longer as it gets closer to the face. It is usually layered around the head, especially at the back, to create a stacked effect.  

Inherently a bob haircut, the shag haircut is an immensely layered variation of the bob haircut, usually layered with a razor. It results in an oval hair shape with sharp-angled layers. It is possible to get a shag haircut with longer hair, but the most common shags are done on the hair above the shoulder. 

And then there is the pixie cut. Perhaps the most widely used short haircut for women, the pixie cut is shorter than the neck and mostly faded on the sides with a razor. The main area of creativity is often the top, where it can keep the same length as the others or be way longer on the top and short on the sides. 

As mentioned earlier, stylists in every women's haircut salon can customize these cuts to match each client's aspirations. On female haircuts for long hair, the stylist may go with an asymmetrical look from the front, with the left and right sides of the head each having its own styles and layers. On shorter haircuts, the hair designer could do different layers and lengths above the face and a simpler look on the back. The addition of bangs, angled cuts, braids, and hair accessories to each of these haircuts can lead to a whole new range of creative haircuts that can give the unique look of your dreams!

How much does it cost to cut a women's hair?

There are plenty of factors that affect the price of a haircut, especially with female haircuts. It is quite possible to encounter ludicrous pricing due to the high reputation of the women's haircut salon or a celebrity stylist. Women's haircut costs start at about $30 for low-tier women's haircut salons such as the local small shops in malls around Edmonton and go as high as thousands of dollars for an Instagram famous hair designer with a client base of Hollywood celebrities in downtown Vancouver. 

However, ladies haircut costs tend to vary based on the stylist's skill, the client's hair length, and the salon's location. On average, you can expect to pay from $50 to $70 for a regular haircut in a mid-range hair salon. If you request more treatments or a booking with the master hairstylist, the prices will rise, but you can expect to pay less for a haircut done by a junior hairdresser.  

How much does a women's haircut cost in Toronto?

Toronto continues to be one of the most expensive cities in Canada and the west, and you can see the same pattern in the beauty pricing. If you want a get a cheap women's haircut in Toronto, any branch of the chain haircut salons down the street would be your best bet, as they charge around $35 for a typical haircut. If you have the time to check women's haircut salon reviews and choose a well-established salon in Toronto, the chances are you will be paying about $50 to $80 with regards to the stylist's experience. Finally, if you want a high-end haircut in Toronto, prepare to drop three-digit checks as you enter famous women's haircut salons, which have celebrity photos on their social media or are owned by a well-known hairdresser. Their pricing usually ranges from $200 for a single haircut session and quickly rises if you need any additional treatments.  

How much do you tip for a $20 haircut?

After getting a haircut, this is one of the confusing questions. There are no fundamental rules or a fixed amount to refer to, and then there are moments when you do not feel like tipping at all because you are not satisfied with the end results.

Hairdressing is not a profession that significantly depends on tips, as most stylists work on commissions or rent a seat and earn the majority of the fee. They do not expect every customer to tip them and do not think too much about the amount either. Still, hairstyling is a service, and it would be nice of you to appreciate a good service to continue to get one in the future. The usual norm for tipping is about %20 of the total price if you enjoyed the experience and got a satisfactory haircut. So a $20 cut can be tipped for $4 to make the stylist as happy as the customer.

If you do not like the haircut, you have every right to refuse to pay anything or pay a lower amount. Giving another chance to the stylist and explaining the complaint may provide them with an opportunity to make amends and try to get you closer to your expectation. But if you are still not satisfied, it is entirely normal to leave the salon without spending anything other than the fixed price. 

How much does a basic women's haircut cost?

In an affordable women's haircut salon, the ladies can expect to spend about $35 to $50 for shoulder-length hair. The service usually includes a standard haircut, a shampoo wash, and styling with a blowdryer or flat iron. That is about what is included in a basic women's haircut. Any usage of special products such as conditioners or protective masks, requesting special hair services like thermal styling, or anything that prolongs the time will inevitably increase your prices from that point on.

Which haircut is best for ladies?

Choosing a women's haircut can be a very tough and confusing task, as there are thousands of styles, colors, and cuts for everyone to pick. Taking your hair type into account can be a good start. Whether you have curly, wavy, straight, or thick hair should directly affect your choice. Then, finding out about your face shape can help you narrow down the haircuts to those that have matched your face shape before and look nice on it. Once you find a few favorite hairstyles, create a shortlist and break down each haircuts maintenance routine to see if taking care of that style is possible to fit in your busy schedule. Finally, choose the best women's hair salon nearby and give that haircut a try. Make sure to get feedback on your hair, and do not forget about people in real life, as they see you from every angle in every lighting situation. 

To help you decide the haircut of your dreams, we highly recommend you to have a look at Beautster's long list of women's haircut salons near you to see all the real client photos, compare the prices, and book a seat instantly!