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Find and Book the best body wrap spas near me in Canada

Ever wondered what the body wrap is written on the Spa menu means? To your surprise, bodywrap is in fact a very popular treatment among people and almost every well-reputed spa provides this treatment. But what exactly is a body wrap? What happens during a body wrap? How it is beneficial to you? Is it expensive? Worry no more. Read on and find the answers.

What is a body wrap?

A body wrap, also famous by the name "cocoon", is a type of spa treatment where the therapist wraps some kind of substance around you. The body wrap therapy is usually initiated with the therapist exfoliating your body. He will try to massage your body with a certain high-quality scrub and remove all the dead cells from it. Once exfoliated, he will then apply oils and other ingredients which are a necessity for the kind of body wrap you have chosen. 

After rubbing some oil, your body will be ready for wrapping. The therapist will use plastic or blankets or just bandages to wrap you completely. It may sound a little creepy but body wraps have some amazing benefits over massages.

What are the different types of body wraps? How are they beneficial?

Body wraps have an extremely deep effect on our bodies. There are different types of body wrap treatments available and every treatment has its own benefits.

Hydrating Body Wraps

This is a body wrap treatment recommended for people who have dry and dehydrated skin. In this treatment, the therapist applies a certain hydrating cream all over your body and wraps your body. The cream will slowly nourish your skin, hydrating, and smoothening it.

Algae wraps

After exfoliating your skin, the therapist applies algae to your body. This is usually in a paste form. He then wraps your body with a plastic or blanket and leaves it for a while. The algae wraps have a significant effect on nourishing and detoxifying your body's skin. After some time, you will be bathed while you are still lying down. If you suffer from cellulite, Algae wraps may be the solution.

Slimming wraps

This wrap is more of a temporary solution for losing weight and looking slim. The wrap bandages used are soaked in some mineral solution and is tightly wrapped around your limbs.

Detox Wraps

In this treatment, the therapist will apply clay or mud of some kind on your body and then wrap it with plastic or bandages. The clay or mud will suck all the toxins from your body. Your body will feel very light and healthy after the detox wrap treatment.

Moreover, The exfoliating process that must be done initially is in itself a very healthy add on for your body and skin’s health.

How to Prepare for The Body Wrap?

A body wrap will only be substantially efficient if you strictly follow certain guidelines:

  1. Drink plenty of water before and after the treatment. This will help you stay hydrated.
  2. Do not have a big group 2 hours prior and 2 hours after the treatment.
  3. Avoid consumption of any sort of alcoholic or caffeine beverages
  4. Do not apply any lotion, moisturizer or a body spray on the day of the treatment
  5. Bring a pair of extra clothes and wear suitable clothing to be comfortable during the wrap.

How long do body wraps last?

A typical body wrap session will take anywhere between 30 to 90 minutes but based on the type of wrap and the treatment you desire, the treatment may take longer. While the treatment is for a very short while, its effects can last for as long as 2 months. But again, this will depend on your diet, daily activities, and how well you take care of your skin.

Is body wraps safe?

Body Wraps are generally safe but will depend on your prior and later preparations. These wraps will dehydrate you while detoxifying. Drinking plenty of fluids may help. Moreover, many clinics claim to reduce your weight by so many pounds in 1 hr or so. This is because of the dehydration only. But if you see the positive side, this treatment will smoothen your skin and nourish it.

Where can I find the best Body Wrap spa in Canada?

If you live in Canada or anywhere near Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, Edmonton, You can book an appointment today at They will acquaint you with some of the best clinics and spas near you.  The professionals working for these salons and clinics have been well trained to carefully and sophistically wrap and give you an ultimate wrapping experience.

How much does a body wrap spa costs?

A typical body wrap session will cost you anywhere between $75 to $275 based on the treatment you choose. Visit and book a slot today at