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Get the best Eyebrow Threading Sessions from the top salons near you in Canada

Whether you are used to keeping a perfectly shaped eyebrow or are in need of a quick brow arch fix, threading is an amazing, cost-effective option for hair removal-especially on your face. Having originated in Asia thousands of years ago, threading is often considered to be one of the least invasive and painless methods for removing unwanted brow follicles. But if upon seeing it in action, you have ever pondered upon the magic wielded by a single thread onto the desired brows, here is your chance to dismantle all your doubts about eyebrow shaping:

What Is Eyebrow Threading? How does it work?

The threading process involves a single strand of a cotton thread. After wiping the desired area clean with a disinfectant and subsequent drying by a talcum powder, the thread is twisted and stretched in a manner so as to act like a little lasso, pulling the hair directly from the root upwards; without the use of any harsh and harmful chemicals. The thread is twisted so as to roll over the required area of the skin for individually plucking at the roots of unwanted hair.

Other methods incorporate the use of a chain in place of the mouth to firmly hold the strand in place, or the "butterfly" which involves wrapping the thread by the practitioner in such as manner so as to resemble a butterfly's wings. Clients remain reclined while holding the skin around the brow taut, which increases exposure and relieves pain somewhat.

How is Eyebrow Threading better than waxing?

In comparison with waxing, tweezing, and laser removal, threading is the safest and most accurate in terms of imparting perfect shape, especially in the delicate areas surrounding the eyes. Threading allows practitioners to exercise greater control over the exact hair follicles to be removed. No artificial waxes, chemicals, or invasive methods used in this method. It is particularly useful for people who use retinoids for acne or have sensitive skin, as well as for those susceptible to post-acne breakouts. Threading eliminates the problem of ingrown hairs generated due to tweezing. 

The chances of contamination are minimal considering the part of the thread being used on the skin is completely different from the part held within the mouth. Even then, experienced practitioners adopt all sanitary precautions to nullify any chances of contamination. 

Furthermore, threading is not restricted to brow shaping. While it does indeed remove unwanted brow follicles, threading also eliminates stubbles and peach fuzz-like growth- something that waxing would normally miss.

How long does an eyebrow threading last? How often should you do it?

A good eyebrow threading session will last you at least a week to 3 weeks. This totally depends on your body’s ability to grow back hair. Some grow early while some do not. But that doesn’t mean you should do it very frequently. While the rate of growth that disrupts the shape depends on the individual, clients generally get their eyebrows shaped every two to three weeks to give enough time for healing. 

Does eyebrow threading hurt?

Yes. Of course, it does. It will involve the removal of hair from the roots that are embedded in your skin. It will definitely hurt and sometimes even bleed. But the pain is not severe. It’s just a tickle and will go away in minutes. You won’t even remember the pain after the threading is over.

How much does a typical Eyebrow Threading cost?

An average eyebrow session costs around $25 to $35 dollars depending on the professionalism you choose.

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Is eyebrow threading safe during pregnancy?

Absolutely. Just like anyone else, they deserve to look pretty and happy. Eyebrow threading is absolutely safe for a pregnant woman but certain hygiene precautions must be taken to avoid infections.