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Where to Book the Best Hot Stone Massage Near You in Canada at a great price

A hot stone massage is a type of massage therapy that involves using smooth, heated stones. The therapist will place the hot stones on specific points of your body or they might hold the stones while giving the massage. The weight and localized heat of the stones will warm and relax the muscles, allowing the massage therapist to apply deeper pressure to the areas without causing any discomfort.

What exactly is a hot stone massage? 

The hallmark of an effective hot stone massage is the usage of heated stones. The basalt river rocks are used generally as they are smooth and they retain heat easily.

While most therapists will use anatomy to guide the placements of the stones but some of them will also place the heated stones on points that are believed to energetically balance the body and the mind.

During this massage, Swedish massage therapy techniques are commonly used and they may include kneading, rolling, and long strokes.

You can book such a massage with one of the well-known therapists in the places near your residence.

What can you expect during a hot stone massage therapy?

Before the hot stone massage begins, the therapist will clean and warm the stones at 120°-150° water. The localized heat and the weight of the rocks will allow for better blood circulation. It will also ease the tension in the muscles and allow for deeper muscle layers to be easily reached. 

Your therapist will begin the treatment by warming up your muscles using traditional Swedish massage techniques. Once the muscles are loose, the therapist will begin placing the hot stones. 

While many therapists place the stones based on human anatomy, some believe that different placement points allow for better energy flow, which is why they place stones according to the energy points. 

Either way, the stones will be placed along with the spine, arms, legs, stomach, and palms. The larger stones will be placed on larger muscles whereas the small stones will be reserved for smaller tissues. 

Once the stones are placed, your therapist will use them as extensions of their hands and use those stones to apply pressure to your muscles. Once the stones begin to cool down, the therapists will start replacing them.

Does a Hot Stone Massage hurt?

Usually, the hot stone massage should not hurt you. But because of the heat of the stones, you should always have a towel or sheet between your skin and the stones. If the stones are too hot or if the pressure is too intense, don’t hesitate in letting your therapist know about it as they’ll simply adjust it to your preferences.

If you’re not feeling comfortable with hot stones, steamed towels and lava shells are alternatives if you still wish to use heat in your massage.

Hot stone massage Benefits

Anyone who has ever got a hot stone massage before will tell you about the numerous hot stone massage benefits. Some of them are:

Relaxation: People describe this massage as deeply relaxing and comforting. The warmth will be soothing for those who tend to feel chilly often. The heat from the stones will relax the muscles and allow the therapist to work deeper as they’ll have to put lighter pressure. You will see this message at some of the best places in Canada offering therapeutic massages. It is also good to have a hot stone massage when you have a neck pain and are looking for relaxing your shoulders and back. 

Releasing stress, anxiety & mental healing: Even though there isn’t a lot of research on hot stone massage benefits but some preliminary studies have suggested that it is beneficial to people with conditions like prenatal depressing, pain syndromes like fibromyalgia, arthritis, autoimmune conditions, hypertension, and ageing-related conditions including dementia and Parkinson’s disease.

Is Stone Massage dangerous?

A hot stone massage is generally considered safe when performed by a trained, licensed massage therapist but it isn’t right for everyone. If you have a medical condition like diabetes, high blood pressure, varicose veins, heart disease, migraine, decreased pain sensitivity, autoimmune disease, epilepsy, cancer, metal implants, or tumours, consult your doctor before beginning the massage.

Also, you should check with your doctor if you’ve had a recent surgery or you experience frequent blood clotting, and other similar skin conditions. Children and pregnant women should also avoid hot stone massage.

How much does a stone massage cost?

A hot stone massage may price you anywhere from $85 - $150 per hour at a massage clinic or a fancy spa. Sometimes when you go in as couples the hot stone massage costs may be reduced as well or you may get a free hot stone foot massage along with it at some spas. The pricing can go down to between $75-$125 at some smaller spas. However, a hot stone facial massage may cost a bit less but it can be great for a quick relaxation as well.

Where to book a massage session and avail hot stone massage benefits?

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