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Where to Book the Best Gel Nails and Fill Near You in Canada at a Great Price

What is Gel Nail and Gel Fill?

Gel nail is a manicure service in which a gel-fill or gel-based polish is used with UV or LED light to lock onto your nails. The best part about gel nails is that it is more durable than your regular nail polish and can last for weeks. A gel nail offers a wonderful way to treat your nails with beautiful glitter, matte and marble designs and styles. 

If you are thinking which is the best gel service near me that can give me those perfect nails, look for the manicure service that will spoil you with choice and offer you a nail art design in your favourite color such as pink, white, blue, black, red, purple and more! You should also be able to from a wide range of summer designs and styles for both, short and long nails. 

However, before you visit a gel manicure service in your area, do ensure you have answers to these questions, first. 

Are Gel Nails Safe?

Gel nails are absolutely safe when done correctly using the best quality gel fills and materials. Although, if your nails are not prepped properly and done by a person who lacks professional expertise then it can end up doing some damage to your nails. 

You have to be really careful about not just how the application is done, but also how it is removed. Generally, people end up damaging their nails more during the removal of gel nails, than by its application. 

Other than that there is nothing to worry about gel nails because it’s absolutely safe to get them done under professional care. 

How Gel Nails are applied?

Gel nails are applied using a quick-dry formula, making it a really quick and lasting process to beautify your nails. Usually, an overlay is used to create a base for the desired shape and length of your nails. You can also get gel nails on your natural nails. 

First, you apply a base coat that works as a primer for the gel. After this, you will apply the gel polish, which is then put under UV light to create a firm bond. 

Once the gel coat is painted, you can decorate it with the nail art or glossy top coat for that added effect. You can also opt for a natural-looking nail gel design with the color and finish of your personal choice. 

What to do when Gel Nails grow out?

Your gel nails will last at least up to two weeks. But, once they start to grow out, you should try and remove them in the least damaging way. Don’t get impatient and try pulling off or scraping the gel fills. It’s best that you visit a professional nail service to get off the product from your nails and follow it with proper care at home. 

To remove gel nails at home, you can cover your nails with cotton soaked in acetone and place an aluminum foil over it for about 10 minutes. This will gently remove your gel fills. 

If you still notice some stubborn stains on your nails, then you can gently use a wooden stick to scrape the product and clean your nails. 

How long should Gel Nails last?

With proper prep and care, gel nails should last up to at least two weeks. But, if you manage to take care of your gel nails really well, then it can also last up to four weeks.

The long-lasting and durable features of gel nails make them a perfect choice to prep your nails when you have a chain of back to back events lined up to attend. 

How much does Gel Nail and Gel Fill cost?

Gel nail and gel fill is definitely worth your money because it’s super cheap and yet long-lasting. A regular gel nail and gel fill will cost you anywhere from $10 - $15. 

If you really want to up your game, with a highly stylized and celeb-style gel nail, then you can pay anywhere from $50 to $100 to your nearest salon service. 

Where to get Gel Nail and Fill near me?

Don’t know where to book the best gel nails and fill near you in Canada at a great price? Just check out and find the best salons offering gel nail services at great prices in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Montreal, and Ottawa.