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Where to Book the Best Eyelash Lift Near You in Canada at a Great Price

Lash lift is quickly becoming more and more popular for clients whore looking for a more natural alternative to lash extensions. But why is there so much hype about eyelash lift? Stick around if you want to know.

What exactly is a keratin eyelash life?

A keratin eyelash lift is like permitting your eyelashes into a curled, lifted state. Unlike the harsh formulae that were used before to perm the hair on your head, eyelash lift is a gentler, and a better alternative.

It is also not the same thing as the lash perm methods that existed in the past. The old method of lash perming would include a different formula and different tools for actually curling lashes. The previous treatment was banned by many states in the 2000s. Even the Food and Drug Administration issued a severe warning against one perming cream in the 80s.

What is an eyelash lift?

Before beginning the actual process of eyelash lift, the eye area and the lashes need to be free of any oil and makeup. The best eyelash lift technicians will double-check for you before applying a silicone mould or a shield onto the eyelid by using a non-toxic glue. That would be the only thing that touches your skin. 

With the silicone mould on your eyelid, the technician will then curl the lashes using the non-toxic glue over the mould which will be curbed upward and outward for creating a curl. Once the eyelashes are adhered to the shield and separated, the final outcome will be revealed.

 Also, you should know that this service is only done on the upper lashes. Once each and every eyelash is applied onto the mould, each one of them will be separated individually so that you can get the nicest curl on your lashes. Then, the perm solution will be applied. The perm solution is the key chemical solution that sits onto the roof of your eyelashes between the root and the middle of your lash. 

It will generally sit from 10-15 min depending on the client. The perm solution will soften the hair, making them vulnerable and malleable. Then the solution will be wiped off and a setting solution will be applied. That solution will re-harden the hair so that the shape is set in place.

To achieve the desired curl and get the best lash lift, there are different mould sizes and shapes. The solution should only be applied to the base and the middle of the lashes for avoiding any breakage or damage to the lash tips. 

Once the treatment is finished, you should avoid getting your newly permed lashes wet for the first 20-24 hours and make sure to take proper eyelash lift aftercare.

How long does eyelash lift last?

Usually, eyelash lift on short lashes will last for around six to eight weeks. Almost the same amount of time as the lash growth cycle. For some people, it can even last for up to 10 weeks. 

Getting lash lift done is easy but even the best lash lift will require adequate lash lift aftercare if you want it to be well maintained. That maintenance part is not always the easiest part.

Avoid getting the lashes wet for the first 20-24 hours. After the first day, it becomes easier. You can start wearing mascara, rub your eyes, wash them, and the results will still be visible.

How much are the eyelash lifts?

A lash lift, on its own, can be anywhere from $65 to about $100 or even more. If you want to get an eyelash lift with tint, it’ll be even more expensive.

Eyelash lift versus extensions

Eyelash lifts help your natural lashes to look longer as they are upward curled whereas, extensions provide a similar effect, but with lifts, you don't have to worry about heavy, clumpy lashes.

Is Eyelash lift safe?

Even though there is a chemical used to fix the lash lift, it is quite safe and gentle. However, if you do experience any redness around your eyes after fixing it, it could be only due to the pressure due to the pads. It will disappear in a couple of minutes.

Do Eyelash lift damage your eyelashes?

Well, although eye lash lifts do give you a dramatic look, it is quite possible that you may damage your eye lashes if you don’t maintain them well. 

Do Eyelash lifts hurt?

No, fixing eyelash lifts don’t hurt at all but you may have water in your eyes only as they are open while it is getting fixed. 

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