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Find and Book the best facial clinics and salons near me in Canada

Facials are no new phenomenon. Every now and then, People above the age of sixteen are recommended to get a facial to rejuvenate and hydrate their deteriorating facial skin. 

Though it is extremely possible to get healthy skin at home, many people actually turn to dermatologists when they need extra assistance. The one skincare treatment most people generally turn towards is the basic facial routine. But what exactly is a facial, to speak of? Although the name is quite banal, the treatment truly holds the potential to benefit the skin, especially in light of the fact that every facial is customized to an individual's skin type. Read on for an in-depth analysis and probing into this extremely rampant spa treatment and find the best facial spa around you.

What is a facial?

A basic facial is a skin care method that focuses on cleansing pores, exfoliating the dead skin cells away, and treating common skin ailments with a tailor-made hydrating mask. This multi-pronged process is aimed at rejuvenating and nourishing skin on faces, making it appear radiant and refreshed. It is also popular as it helps clients feel pampered and relaxed since it is immediately followed up with a thorough massage.

What happens during a facial?

Every facial start with a consultation with your skin care specialist, beautician, or aesthetician which helps them to select the right products for your unique skin type and associated concerns. Once that has been finalized, the skin relaxation step ensues! 

Most routine facials include one or the other version of the following steps:

  • Cleansing

Beauticians apply a cleanser onto their client's face, neck, and lower neckline to completely remove any remaining makeup and/or dirt. Using lukewarm water along with a soft sponge, cotton cloth, or similar soothing fabric, they then wipe off the dried cleanser, dry the face, and then evaluate the client's skin. This step is the most crucial since it helps them to actually determine the type of face-mask they should apply later-as according to the face's unique skin type.

  • Exfoliation

Depending on the spa you have booked your appointment in, your skincare specialist might scour away dead skin cell layers with either an exfoliating cream or gentle face scrub or open up clogged pores with steam-all just to deep cleanse your face from the bottom up.

  • Extractions

This process is the most tedious since it is used to clear every individual pore that might have become clogged with excess dirt, oil and dead skin cells over a long period of time, which can result in the formation of blackheads and inflamed acne breakouts. Aestheticians perform the extractions either by their own hand or via special metal equipment’s designed for this very purpose.

  • Massage

One of the most crucial components of a facial is typically a relaxing and soothing massage of the face and the surrounding part of the décolletage, that helps in lymphatic circulation.

Masks and other associated methods

Beauticians apply a custom-suited face mask as the final step of the process, ranging from a clay-based mask to combat oily skin or a hydrating one to treat dry and flaky skin. It concludes with a moisturizer, serum, and sunscreen if in case your facial is completed during the daytime.

Do facials actually work? Is it worth the money?

Absolutely it does. Regular facials cleanse your skin more deeply than your daily skincare ritual and they might also help combat certain specific skin issues, such as inflammations, flare-outs, oiliness, and dry, flaky skin. The outcome of every facial is a glowing face and an uplifted mood due to the relaxing massage accompanied. 

How much does a facial cost?

In most cases, facials' prices are dependent on specific treatments used in accordance with your skin type and personal preferences. However, microdermabrasion or special chemical peels will obviously cost more than a routine facial, which typically lies around $75. If you live anywhere near Vancouver, Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary, Scarborough, Ottawa, Mississauga, Winnipeg, and Hamilton, visiting will help you find the best salon for facial near you. At Beautster, every salon and spa are ranked and reviewed giving you a simple answer to your search.

What are the different types of facials?

There are more than 20 Types of Facial treatments to choose from. It all depends on your skin type and the salon if it offers that type of facial treatment. Some famous ones are: Classic Facial, Lymphatic Massage Facial, Microcurrent Facial, Galvanic Facial, High-Frequency Facial, etc.

Do men need facials?

Men's skin-being gruffer as compared to a woman's, demands a different type of facial routine, although the components remain more or less the same. They are used to treat men's specific issues, such as razor cuts, excessive hairs, oiliness, dullness, and sensitivity.

How long does a facial last? How often should you get a facial?

Most routine facials usually last for about an hour. But make sure you don’t get a facial very frequently. An average human skin’s life is about 4 weeks after which the cells die and new cells are born. Hence, getting a facial once every month gives your cells enough time to heal and your skin will always glow.

Can facials help with signs of ageing?

While regular facials might temporarily improve your skin's appearance, they, however, are powerless in treating extremely severe skin issues, including wrinkles, fine lines, crow feet, hyperpigmentation, and anything above and beyond than mild acne breakouts. Those skin issues generally demand more surgical solutions, such as chemical-based peels, microinjections, microdermabrasion, or collagen-inducing laser treatments.

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