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Get the best Thai Massage Services near you in Canada at a great price

Thai massage for healing and stress relief is an ancient practice that is believed to have originated in India during the time of the Buddha as its inception goes back to around 2,500 – 7,000 years ago. Shivago Komarpaj, the physician to the Buddha, is believed to have created the Thai Massage. As Buddhism started to make its way to Thailand, this magical massage technique also came with it. 

Where can you book a great, stress-relieving Thai massage session in Canada?

Canada is a country renowned for its great massage parlours. However, there aren’t many Thai massage parlours in Canada. At Beautster, you can get to know the best Thai massage Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, Ottawa, North Vancouver, and Edmonton are known for as we will be starting our services here soon. 

This great platform will mean that you don’t have to worry about searching “best Thai massage near me” as you can directly get the best parlours around with cheap Thai massage price packages.

How much does a session of Thai massage cost? 

The cost of a session of Thai massage depends on where you are. Whether you’re looking for Thai massage Toronto or Thai massage Edmonton or Thai massage Calgary, every place will have their own price packages.

However, an average one-hour Thai massage will generally cost you around $6 but the salon might be less luxurious. Choosing an expensive salon for Thai massage will mean you’ll have to shell out over $15 for a session.

What is a Thai massage?

Thai massage involves applying gentle pressure and stretching techniques to relax your whole body. The techniques that most Thai Massage Practitioners use are very different from what most people in the West are accustomed to. Unlike Shiatsu or Swedish massage techniques, in which the person lies on the bed, in Thai Massage, the client lies on the floor and actively participates in the massage.

Is Thai massage good for you?

Getting a Thai massage can be intimidating, especially if you’re getting a Thai massage for stress relief for the first time. Some of the Thai massage Toronto parlours don’t even have English speaking employees. 

For most Thai massages, you’ll be given a shirt-pants combo and the led to the changing room. It is recommended to wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothes during the massage.

During the massage, your body will be stretched, pulled, and rocked at the hands of your masseuse. They’ll use every part of their body to do this, including their knees, elbows, and thumbs. Some masseuses may even walk on you.

Even though Thai massages aren’t gentle, but they are effective and good for you. Sometimes, Thai massages can even be an unpleasant and painful experience. Usually, the masseuse will vary the intensity depending on your size and age. 

Different types of Thai massage

Currently, there are mainly two types of Thai massages. In the first one, the masseur uses his knees as well as hands only. In the other one, he uses only his hands and fingers for unlocking the important points in your body which are around the energy lines. 

Is Thai massage good for pain?

There are several benefits of receiving a quality Thai massage. Many studies back the benefits that Thai massages claim to have. The top benefit of a Thai massage is that heals pain. 

When receiving a Thai massage, one feels incredible. Many people get Thai massage for stress relief and for reducing tension in muscles and joints and releasing pain. 

It is also great if you’re feeling stuffed during travels and you’re experiencing pain in your body. You can get Thai massage for back pain or Thai massage for neck pain and say goodbye to the stiffness and pain. 

There is a study that suggests that patients suffering from back pain generally associated with myofascial trigger points can consider receiving Thai massage for back pain as an alternative health care treatment. 

How often should you get Thai massages?

After a session of Thai massage you’ll feel very relaxed. However, keep in mind that your muscles have been stretched, worked, and prodded. After you receive a Thai massage for stress relief, you should take ample rest and drink plenty of water.

While there are no set guidelines on how often you should get a Thai massage but you should get one every few weeks or months. In the meantime, try to incorporate daily routines that involve relaxing techniques and stretching.

Listen to your body. If you experience lasting back pain or discomfort in your body, chances are you should contact your healthcare provider and book a session of Thai massage for back pain.

Can Thai massage be harmful?

Depending on the type of Thai massage, there are a lot of twists, deep body pressure, and stretches involved here. So, the therapist must be responsible and qualified as well. Probably it is a good idea for you to share your medical history with them before attempting a session.