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Find & Book the best reiki session near you in Canada 

Reiki is the energy that flows through the bodies of every living thing. It is the energy that connects them to their own, self-healing powers. Reiki practitioners believe that this energy can be brought back from dead and everyone can connect back to this energy helping themselves and the other around them.  


Learn everything about Reiki here and find some amazing and genuine reiki practitioners around you. 


What is Reiki? 

Reiki is a massage therapy or to be specific, reiki is its own category. You are made to lie down on a massage table or sit on a chair and unlike other massages, reiki doesn’t need you to be cloth less. The practitioner will suggest a few very loose clothes and before a session, talk to you for a few minutes.

They try to understand you and your problems and will gently and wisely massage you. Reiki, in itself, will not heal you but will instead create an environment where your body connects with its own healing powers and starts healing itself. You can choose to have a touchless massage as well. A good professional reiki session will leave you relaxed, satisfied, and complete.  


How does Reiki work? 

The Reiki practitioners and masters will induce positive energy into your body channelling it through every vein. They place their hands and fingers on those parts of your body that needs healing and channel the energy into you. 

This boosts up your healing process utilizing this energy in places you need the most. A reiki massage will bring down an immediate sensation of relief in your body loosening it and removing every ounce of negative energy out. 


What is reiki good at healing? 

Reiki can heal anything. It is not an exterior process but an internal self-healing process. A practitioner will create an environment and your body will start repairing and healing itself faster than ever. 


Does Reiki actually work?  Is it scientifically proven? 

The technique of Reiki sounds very unnatural and fake but researches have proven its effects on a human body. It has been observed that a decent Reiki session has been responsible for a positive and healthy biological response in humans and animals. 


Where can you find a good reiki practitioner around you? 

Canada is a big country and there are as many real reek practitioners as there are fake ones. There is absolutely no way you can distinguish the two of them. Hence visiting will help you here. They have listed down some of the well-known reiki clinics and practitioners from Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, Edmonton. Read the reviews, talk to customers and only then book a session of Reiki.  


What should you expect from a good professional Reiki session? 

This is the exact question the practitioner will ask you before the session. Once they understand you and your needs, they will treat you for that. After the session, you will feel exactly the way you wanted to without a doubt. A completely peaceful and relaxed mind and body. 


What are the types of Reiki techniques? 

The following are some of the most popular reiki techniques to choose from: 

  • Centring Technique 
  • Clearing Technique 
  • Beaming 
  • Harmful energy extraction 
  • Infusion 
  • Raking and smoothing of aura 

Besides this, the practitioner may use wands and crystals and chakra for the therapy as they believe these tools can enable a good boost in the energy and keep the negative energy at bay. 


How much does a typical Reiki session cost? 

A typical Reiki session will cost you anywhere between $60 to $90 but it will totally depend on the following factors: 

  • Duration of the session 
  • The person’s expertise in the session 
  • Number of sessions 
  • Facilities used 
  • House call or a clinic treatment 


How often should you get a reiki massage session? 

If you are just starting with reiki massage, it is recommended for you to receive the initial 5 treatments one or two weeks apart. Once you get used to this and your body knows what it needs, you can start spacing the sessions once every month or once every 6 weeks. Regular Reiki sessions are very important to keep a good balance between your body and your spirit. Moreover, the boost in the healing process will keep you healthy and away from problems.